How To Achieve That Perfect Fit


Do you know your perfect bra size?  It is vital to know what fits best, since your comfort, appearance and health depend on it.


A perfect fit is best achieved by trying on garments before purchasing. You should also take the advice of trained staff who are there to help you, take measuring guidelines, and to offer guidance on fit.


Basic measuring guidelines form the basis of the perfect fit but does not always give exactly the right answer, as every woman differs a little in shape, bone structure, flesh consistency and volume and spacing of breasts.


First step in achieving a good fit is to determine two sizes – the bra size (a number in inches) and the cup size (a letter of the alphabet). These measurements should be taken with outer clothing removed, but existing bra left on.


Measure firmly under the bust. If the result is an even number, add 4; if an odd number, add 5. This is your bra size.

e.g. under bust 33” = bra size 38”


Cup size is determined by the size of the breasts. Measure loosely round the fullest part of the bust. The difference between the under bust measurement and the fullest part of the bust determines the cup size.


If the difference is 5” the cup size is A, as per chart below:             















                                       Your bra size is then worked out as the following example:


                                       Step 1                 under bust          = 33”

                                       Step 2                 bra size  = 38       (33”, an odd number, plus 5”)

                                       Step 3                 fullest breast       = 44”

                                       Step 4                 difference           = 11” (44” minus 33”)

                                       Step 5                 cup size =  F        (11” from table above)


                                       Your ideal bra size is 38F


Try on a bra in this size, check for fit, make sure the straps are adjusted for comfort and then slip on an outer garment, in order to check the shape the bra size and style gives you.

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FF cup



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G cup



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